Michael Jackson’s BAD Turns 25 With Gigantic CD/DVD Box Set Re-Release And All-New Spike Lee Documentary

If Thriller was Michael’s ultimate triumph, Bad seemed like a victory lap on a rocket while giving everyone the finger. Last time, Michael implored that the kid was not his son, but this go ’round, he was bad and your butt was his. Dancing on the edge of complete hubris, Bad still had so much wattage that it spawned eight chart hits and became the fifth best-selling album of all time.

September 18th marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Bad with a sprawling re-release box set that contains enough demos and extras and DVD concert footage to keep MJ fans screaming with joy for weeks (Target shoppers can pick up an exclusive music video collection as well). Along those lines, Spike Lee’s Bad 25 looks back at the album, with the documentary having recently played the Toronto Film Festival and making its debut on CBS this November.

Check out the box set here and listen to Spike Lee talk about the film below.


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