Five KISS Music Videos You Probably Missed


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will rock and roll all nite (sorry) when the original members of KISS are inducted into the hall on Thursday, April 10th. We figured you all know the deal on this band and their 40 plus years of chartbusting hits and wild pyrotechnics, but here’s a few music videos that may have slipped by you.

“Shandi” from UNMASKED
A song that would have sounded at place on the Grease soundtrack, this clip showcases a tease at the band’s still unseen faces, because it’s from the Unmasked album! Get it?

“Sure Know Something” from DYNASTY
This one was filmed on the Dynasty concert stage, directed by John Goodhue

“Talk To Me” from UNMASKED
Ace Frehley takes the vocal spotlight on this one. A hit in Switzerland!

“A World Without Heroes” from THE ELDER
KISS had a highly derided concept album, but KISS found an unlikely writing partner in Lou Reed, who actually only contributed the line “A world without heroes, is like a world without sun.” Don’t miss the only tear ever shed by the lead vocalist on this one, Gene Simmons.

“Domino” from REVENGE
Directed by Paul Rachman, here comes Gene Simmons at his sleazy best.

Vinnie Vincent Invasion – “Love Kills”
Here’s a wild one: the band of former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent records a song for the Nightmare On Elm Street 4 soundtrack. That’s Mark Slaughter (of Slaughter) on vocals.


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