ABC-TV’s Happy Endings Has An a-Ha Moment By Giving The “Take On Me” Treatment To Wedding Videos


ABC’s hey-those-guys-talk-too-fast comedy “Happy Endings” pumps up the 80s references on a regular basis (chalk up the Tom Petty name checking in Manny Petty’s Mani-Pedi), but this week our pals pull out the retro reference to a-Ha and their award-winning video for “Take On Me” — a video originally directed by Steve Barron — in a their own hyperactive and borderline annoying way.


The gang attend a wedding expo where one vendor offers a unique service: Why not give the “Take On Me” treatment your wedding video? Soon we see most of the cast get the rotoscope treatment, including a closing credit montage with the original song playing. We’d tell those kids they were clever — if they didn’t already tell themselves regularly!

Check out the episode online by clicking here, or take a look at an excerpt from the “Happy Endings” episode. Also, check out a recent performance by a-Ha where they incorporate the video images into their show.


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