Vintage Video: “I Hear Voices” by the Hassles (featuring Billy Joel & director Jon Small)

One of the precursors of the modern music video is the Scopitone, which came to prominence in the 1960s. This strange console served as a standalone jukebox that projected short films of songs on a 26-inch screen. The Scopitone was already a huge hit in France when it was introduced to America in 1964. In the modern age of online video, literally thousands of these videos can now be viewed, from obscure European bands to American hitmakers such as Neil Sedaka, Nancy Sinatra, and Lesley Gore.

One band that recorded a Scopiotone film was Billy Joel’s first band, the Hassles. Check out the Hassles, who also boast music video director Jon Small (Run-DMC/Aerosmith) as their drummer.


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