Rock fans know that we lost “The Big Man” from the E Street Band, also known as Clarence Clemons, just a few weeks ago. A heralded sax man and integral part of the Bruce Springsteen sound, Clemons also worked with other artists and spread his wings in solo efforts as well. His most notable solo effort was the 1985 album “Hero,” scoring a #16 Billboard Singles Chart hit with “You’re A Friend Of Mine,” a duet with Jackson Browne. The upbeat pop song and domestically-set video were in heavy rotation, and video director Edd Griles shared his memories of shooting the video as well as the unexpected guest star, Daryl Hannah. (Full disclosure: this interview occured before Clemons passed away.)

“We went over to Jackson’s house,” Griles recalled. “And in his basement, he had a recording studio. They were playing around in there and talking about stuff and whatever and Jackson’s girlfriend at that point was Daryl Hannah. And that night, Daryl Hannah became part of the video. And she is somewhat shy and quiet. She really is. But I was concerned as to, okay, how do we integrate her in the video when she’s not singing and she’s not part of the band and we’re not building a story around her? And that’s where, I guess that night, I’d seen some artwork of hers and she said she painted it, and we decided that she would do a painting of the recording of the session that we would cut back and forth to — to see during the whole song — and that made her into another ‘friend,’ but doing something else artistic. One of my prized possessions is that painting, which they all signed and then gave to me after the shoot. That’s why I’m saying it’s a very magical and very important thing to me.”

The video also has producer Narada Michael Walden on drums, and for the kids in the audience, that’s a VHS camcorder that Daryl is using.

Check out this video below, along with three more iconic Clarence appearances: Aretha Franklin’s “Freeway of Love”, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s “Dancing in the Dark,” and the Big Man’s final music video appearance — Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory”.

“You’re A Friend of Mine”

“Freeway of Love”

“Dancing in the Dark”

“The Edge of Glory”