Remembering Lemmy: Video Director Recalls Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” Video Shoot In 1980

The world was saddened to hear of the passing of a heavy metal pioneer and icon, Lemmy Kilmister of the band Motörhead. Veteran music video director George Seminara recalled the time he worked with the legendary bassist on the video for Motorhead’s 1980 single and signature song, “Ace of Spades”.

“I am saddened to realize that another giant has been felled,” Seminara said. “Lemmy, was a giant to be sure. He was funny as hell, serious when he needed to be, and entertaining as all get out- on stage and off, and when he talked about his job, he could have been a heart surgeon.”

“We met many years ago when I was recommended to shoot, as cameraman, a quickie video for [Motörhead ‘s] ‘Ace of Spades’. We shot against a black curtain and we did many many takes of the song all the way through. Each time, we reset the camera. It was a bear of a shoot. It was just me, a first assistant, and a grip. The director’s name has been forgotten. But Lemmy and I had a laugh.”

“I went to see them the first time at Lamour’s. We didn’t quite keep in touch, but we always seemed to bump into each other in unexpected places around the world. One high point was when I got to eat sushi with Lemmy and Joey Ramone. That was a meal to remember! What a time! It was hilarious! Like I said, giants, and now another one has left us. May you rock hard in Valhalla, until we meet again!”

RIP Lemmy Kilmister.


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