NEATO MOSQUITO: Moving Units Get Up to Get Down on Newest Release DAMAGE WITH CARE

Moving Units

“Damage” plan: L.A.’s Moving Units deliver a full silo of dance rock on their new album

On occasion, NEATO MOSQUITO jumps into the fray when a great album arrives. Moving Units, the current proprietors of Sunset Strip dance floor punk, seem to be having fun staying in their lane on their new release Damage With Care. Not a real departure from the previous two albums, this album is their Return of the Jedi, holding faithfully to their synthy strut. Tight electro-licks on top of sweet & scrappy beats, Moving Units certainly pull from Duran Duran, early U2 & even Haircut One Hundred, having ditched some of that Cure-infused songwriting from previous outings. “War on the Floor” out-discos Escort, and could have held its own at Danceteria, while “Teacher” walks the tightrope between “Maneater” and Kennedy. So pick up Damage With Care, a strong effort from the electric suitcase of these formidable West Coast popsters; it’s infectious & groovy for your weekend booty.


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