If you’ve been following recent posts of Golden Age music videos on YouTube, you’ve no doubt run into the “Literal Versions”, which are literal translations of the images that replace the lyrics, courtesy of David A. Scott et al.

In the spirit of the season, the Literal Version team created LV versions of Hall and Oates’ unintentionally hilarious “Jingle Bell Rock” video, which Golden Age fans remember has both a Daryl-on-lead version and a John-on-lead version. Neither escape the LV treatment and we salute them. We also doff our cap to legendary music mogul and former Mariah Carey-husband Tommy Mottola, who, according to original video directors Mick Haggerty and C.D. Taylor, was managing Hall & Oates at the time and played Santa in the clips.

Happy Holidays from the Golden Age of Music Video!


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