Eat Them Up, Yum! Five Classic Music Videos Involving Seafood…Sort Of.


Since MUSIC VIDEO TIME MACHINE will be putting on ROCK LOBSTER!, a classic music video night at South Street Seaport’s hotspot Ambrose Beer & Lobster in NYC, I thought I’d take this opportunity to document a few seafood connections in the Golden Age of Music Video’s food-video library. Pardon me if these are a stretch, but hey, we’re here for the halibut!

The B-52’s – “Rock Lobster”

Where would we be without the world’s greatest party band and their ode to marine life? There goes a narwhal!


The Radiators – “Suck the Head”

Dave Malone & Company’s tribute to Cajun crawfish ingestion even features their own mudbug recipe at 1:59.


Billy Joel – “The Downeaster ‘Alexa'”

The Piano Man’s lament of a disappearing way of life involves the plight of Long Island fisherman. A downeaster, perhaps. A downer, definitely. And they are trying to catch dinner for thousands.


Barnes & Barnes – “Fish Heads”

Who eats the fish’s head? Not me. I’m not really sure why I even tried to do this. Anyway, check out Bill Paxton in this vintage Dr. Demento fave.


The Little Mermaid – “Under the Sea”

I mean, does this even count? In that case, I’d put Shark Tale on here too, if that version of “Lady Marmalade” wasn’t so bad…..

Okay, I tried. I give up. Here’s a list of other stuff I thought of that didn’t make the list:

Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “The World Is My Oyster

Kid Rock talks about “jumbo shrimp” in “I Am The Bullgod

Bands like Jellyfish and Whale (neither are very tasty) and of course Phish

and Pepe the Prawn’s “It’s Hard Out Here For A Shrimp”

Anyway, you can come see plenty of 80s music videos, both seafood-y and not, at ROCK LOBSTER! Friday Oct 23rd 7pm at Ambrose Beer & Lobster in NYC


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