David Bowie’s Walking Dead: Music Icon Releases New “Lazarus” Video Just Prior To His Passing


Sleep no more: David Bowie in his “Lazarus” music video

We mourn the loss of one of music video’s most enduring stars. Music legend and visual icon David Bowie dodged & weaved throughout his career’s past decade, leaving a self-imposed retirement and releasing some of the weirdest & most confounding compositions and videos of his career. As he slips into the next world, Bowie fans can ingest his latest and his last: a music video for “Lazarus” (a name that coincides with his latest musical theater project), a single from his new album Blackstar..

From his first music videos in the late 1960s, through all the incarnations, personas and platinum albums, Bowie did it all before anyone. From gender bending performances to longform video experiments, he was always looking to the where the future would take us, although he somehow seemed to already know.

Take a look at his final statement here, and stop to marvel at the true genius that was David Bowie.




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