ALBUMS FOR INSIDE: The Neato Mosquito COVID-19 Survival Playlist Part 2



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In the interest of social distancing and musical survival, The Neato Mosquito proudly continues its coverage of recent releases for couch listening. We will add new updates for new music as this crisis rolls on…


MARVIN GAYE – More Trouble

One can never get enough of the Prince of Soul, so grab this vinyl-only collection of alternate and extended versions of recordings from Gaye’s incredible Trouble Man soundtrack. Motown’s original 16-track session reels were mixed by the famed John Morales, and remastered by Alex Abrash, the same man who remastered Marvin Gaye’s widely-acclaimed, previously lost album You’re the Man, released last year.

The original soundtrack consisted mostly of orchestral jazz-soul, with “Trouble Man” as one of the album’s few vocal cuts. These nine tracks include an alternate vocal version of ‘Trouble Man,’ featured in the film’s opening sequence but not on the record originally. Enjoy the extended take of the much-sampled “‘T’ Plays it Cool,” as well as a rare vocal version of “‘T’ Stands For Trouble.” If the only things that are certain are death, taxes and trouble, I’ll add one more: Gaye’s genius. 


JOSIE COTTON – Invasion of the B-Girls

Whether or not the question “Johnny Are You Queer?” was answered or not, Josie Cotton marches on, and her new collection of B-movie theme-song covers is a zany delight of an album. Cotton performs great songs from bad movies, such as “Maneaters” from Herschell Gordon Lewis’ She Devils On Wheels. Produced by Cotton herself along with punk legend Geza X (Black Flag, Dead Kennedys) and Bill Rhea (Del Rubio Triplets), Invasion of the B-Girls employs the Tower Of Power horn section, and with liner notes from legendary filmmaker & B-movie expert John Waters, it’s like a drive-in movie on vinyl.


PHIL OCHS – The Best Of the Rest: Rare and Unreleased Recordings

Known primarily as a songwriter, Phil Ochs had an output that outreached his release opportunities. The Best of the Rest fills in that space on any Ochs’ fans’ shelf. Demos occupy most of the tracks, spanning the era of Ochs’ last two albums for Elektra I Ain’t Marching Anymore and In Concert. Rarities like “The Confession” and “I’m Tired” are true fan treats, but Ochs is a talent well worth the time. Get to know him.


DAVID HAERLE –Death Valley

Haerle’s sophmore effort channels sweet country Americana that recalls John Denver, America and John Hiatt, while markedly keeping the sound his own. Simultaneously quirky, daring and warm, Haerle is a talent to be bathed in.  Seek out Death Valley, along with his previous effort, for an ear-to-ear smile from an artist that’s part Frank Zappa, part Roger Williams, and part California sunshine.

NU-BLU – “Horse Thieves & Moonshiners” single

Daniel and Carolyn Routh’s Nu-Blu released this bright & shiny penny of a single that jumps right out at you. As stirring as a morning cup of coffee, “Horse Thieves & Moonshiners” brings energy and positivity to its criminal subjects. And who doesn’t love well-caffienated bluegrass?


OCEAN ALLEY – “Hot Chicken” single

Funky Aussie rock that takes its cues from INXS as much as Gang of Youths, Ocean Alley delivers with strut and swagger, keeping the steady beat as we anticipate more from their next album Lonely Diamond, out June 19. Previously delivering a more slippery trip for their sound, let’s hope we get more four-on-the-floor jam from this jar. 


See you next time!


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