Action Star Jason Statham — 90s Music Video Beefcake?

"Don't show that!" Action hero  Jason Statham told the internet, which did not listen.

“Don’t show that!” Action hero Jason Statham told the internet, which did not listen.

Jason Statham, the intense action star who converts “Do you know what I mean” into one word on screen as a rule, was playing a different role in the early 1990s — a half-nude dancer in music videos.


These recently discovered music videos show the now 47-year-old actor channeling his inner go-go boy, first by dancing in the background of a 1993 music video for Scottish electronica band The Shamen. The greased-up actor sports a leopard-print Speedo and black boots for their “Comin’ On” video.

Clones of our dancer in front of a psychedelic background seem giggly now, but watch Statham go for it.

Then, the Transporter/Expendables/Fast and Furious sequel star took on a similar role for English synthpop dance kings Erasure, in their video for “Run to the Sun” in 1994.

Statham is in his skivvies once again, but adorned in metallic body paint with fellow dancers in grand form, like only an Erasure music video can provide.

Statham soon left his music video career behind and served as a model for French Connection. He then took his first major film role, in Guy Ritchie’s 1998 crime drama Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Enjoy these, as I’m sure Jason Statham does — dyakno-whamean?


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